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Our equipment


eksoplismos1Dental chair

Triton Plus+, Neodent

Sense of safety and absolute ergonomics. Modern design and minimalistic aesthetic. These are the basic principles on which research and development of Triton Plus+ rely on.






X-ray unit

X - Mind DC, Satelec

It has been designed and manufactured by de Gotzen S.r.I. in cooperation with Satelec S.A.S and it is the outcome after many years of experience on fields of radiology and advanced electronics. This is a system of high efficiency, which represents a further development on technological research in the field of dentistry x-rays.




sterilizeAutocombustion sterilization oven / autoclave

Sterilclave, Cominox

The Italian manufacturing company Cominox researches, designs and develops sterilization ovens for over 25 years, becoming in this way one of the most specialized manufacturers worldwide. Their experience in the field guarantees latest technology, safety during sterilization and modern as well as contemporary industrial design standards which are embedded in each oven by Cominox.


eksoplismosDental Handpieces of high and low speed

Synea και Alegra, W&H 

New generation dental handpieces by W&H guarantee perfect performance due to immense power, effortless work thanks to high quality daylight that produces the revolutionary LED system and great lifespan due to its unique characteristics.


eksoplismos5Incorporated ultrasound device

Pyon 2, W&H

The new ultrasound device by W&H ensures work under daylight produced by LED system and a significantly bigger visual field in relation to conventional devices. Pyon 2 handpiece distinguishes by its light weight, its ergonomic design and the led whorl which consists of 5 light-emitting diodes and in combination to the new piezoelectric scaler by W&H can achieve major results in all methodologies of tooth cleaning, periodontics and surgical dentistry.