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odontiatrikos tourismos


Dental tourism

The term “dental tourism” refers to two categories of services:

  1. Management of dental needs for visitors who happens to be at a foreign country on vacations or business trip or temporary residence. Includes emergencies.
  2. Elective dental tourism, meaning that the patient chooses to travel in order to receive particular dental service. Motivated by low prices (without degrading quality of dental services) and the chance to combine dental care with entertainment/ trip at beautiful tourist destinations.


Why choose dental tourism

Dental tourism is a solution which has successfully been tested over time and is in growing demand. It is an advisable choice in the sense that there is no need for hospital care, the patient has no restrictions on nourishment or mobility restrictions, there is no need of 24h medical attention and is brief relatively to other kind of medical treatments.


Why prefer Santorini

Santorini is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to dental tourism. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the whole world and one of the most wanted destinations for vacation among people of every age and ethnicity. Santorini offers wide range of hotel facilities, from low budget rooms to let to five star hotels and private villas. It has an ideal climate, meaning hot sunny weather most days of the year and ideal temperatures even on winter. All the above make Santorini a perfect destination when it comes to vacation, through the whole year. It is a thirty minutes flight from Athens’ airport. Plus there are direct flights from-to many European capital cities for several months over the year.


Why prefer our dental clinic

Taking into consideration all the above and adding the technical knowledge, the admirable training of our dentists, the new generation equipment and the competitive prices*, there is all the required qualifications for dental tourism at Dental Clinic Santorini. Here we can offer you excellent dental care at the ideal environment of Santorini. Dr Dimitris Nikitopoulos  along with his associates aim, when you leave Santorini, besides your beautiful memories, to have a new smile. 

contact us in order to be offered a personalized plan of treatment and be informed on the right amount of our services.