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Cosmetic dentistry

yp aisth 1As part of modern dentistry, after having teeth problems solved we orient towards cosmetic dentistry. It is the field where dentist intervenes in order to achieve improvement of the teeth appearance and smile of the patient.


Teeth whitening

yp aisth 2It is the procedure during which teeth in a safe, painless and efficient way get whitened in order to improve aesthetically the way smile looks. The technique recommended is the gradual whitening either at the dental office or at home, always with the safest whitening system and the constant medical assessment by the dentist. The procedure at the dental clinic includes two or three appointments during which whitening gel is applied in order to achieve quick and gradual result. The procedure at home lasts between seven and ten days during which whitening gel is applied in specialized splints which should be worn for approximately six hours a day. Second procedure is more gradual and is recommended for sensitive teeth. 


yp aisth 3Resin facings/veneers

It is about “flakes of resin” used in order to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile in the colour we desire. The procedure requires little or no drilling of the preoral (front) teeth surface and placement of a thin composite resin layer whereby we can change colour, shape, size and, under conditions, the tilt of teeth.


 Porcelain veneers/facings

Through porcelain veneers we can change colour, shape, size and under conditions, tilt of the teeth by slightly or not at all drilling them. We place very thin “porcelain layers” upon teeth offering an impressive and bright smile.

 Advantages of porcelain veneers over composite resin veneers: 

yp aisth 41. Composite resin veneers, as all resin restorations do, get gradually darker and perhaps after a few years they need to be replaced unlike porcelain veneers which stay unharmed as years passing by. However, this period of time is great enough, while in the case of front teeth veneers this will not be soon observable thanks to uniformity.

2. Composite resin veneers, can more easily brake or slightly be damaged as years passing by relatively to porcelain ones which are connected to teeth in a much more powerful chemical bond. Nonetheless, composite resins are materials which can be easily fixed.