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Advice on oral health of children 

Oral hygiene

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Oral care starts with oral hygiene which is the most important way to maintain children’s teeth strong and unharmed. Teeth brushing should start when the first tooth comes up, by the parents, through a wet gauze. Although child is young the purpose is not only the removal of bacterial from teeth but also his acquaintance with the procedure of daily teeth brushing.
Later on, when child can accept toothbrush at his mouth, he can brush his teeth by using the help of their parents. Brushing should occur twice a day using a toothbrush suitable for children. If child wants, can use a small amount of tooth paste in the size of split peas. If he does not want or has the tendency to swallow toothpaste then should brush his teeth without it and we make sure to increase the frequency of fluoridation. We do not allow young children, under 12 years old, to use mouthwash




When it comes to children’s nutrition great amounts of sugar should be avoided and emphasize on a diet rich in calcium (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc ) along with fresh fruits and vegetables. Concerning teeth, we pay attention not to offer them sweets which can be hold in mouth for a long time (such as lollipops for example) we avoid sodas and we do not offer them sweets before going for sleep. Plus, it is important for the parents not to use the same spoons, glasses, forks, etc with the children, because in this way germs are transferred. Among them there are germs cause tooth decay. 

New teeth

It would be nice to prepare your children for teeth change in order for them not to get scared. They must realize that it is a normal procedure which happens to all children as they grow up. 

Bad habits

symboules stomatikis frontidas 2Nursing finger or comforter

If your child uses a comforter or nurses his finger, after the age of 18 or 24 months old, orthodontic problems may arise. Try not to encourage them.

Gnashing through sleep

It usually is the result of anxiety and hyperactivity disorder. It frequently causes teeth damage. It is a situation which a dentist can easily take care of.

Use of baby’s bottle

For your child’s benefit, baby’s bottle usage should have stopped until the age of two years old. Most importantly, we should not let our child sleeps with it.


Children-dentist relationship

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Most kids are afraid of the dentist just through their parents’ words. What we must keep in mind is that kids do not have personal experience of the dentist. So it would be very helpful not pass your fears or bad experience on your kids. So it is preferable to just say your child that we are going to visit our dentist and nothing further. The dentist knows how to get closer to your child without frighten or hurt him. Moreover, it would be better if you don’t mention your kid words like “injection”, “pain”, “blood” etc.
It would be nice for your children to visit the dentist for the very first time just for a check-up and nothing more in order to get acquaintance with him.
It would also be nice for the children to follow a program of fluoridations. Fluoridation is the procedure during which the dentist applies a gel of fluorine on their teeth. Fluorine helps their teeth remain strong and unharmed of tooth decay. Children at the age of 2 to 6 years old should fluorinate their teeth once a year. From the very first time that a permanent tooth arises approximately at the age of 6 years old, fluoridations should take place every six months.

Emergency situations


Teeth injuries are very often when it comes to children. If your kid gets injured the most important thing is not to panic. Calm your child down and call immediately the dentist.
1. Notice if your child feels dizzy, tries to vomit or fainting. If he does not feel well, call the pediatrician as well.
2. If your child gets injured outside of the house, make sure of the tetanus vaccine validation.
3. Notice if there is any swelling or wound both inside and outside his mouth. If there is any, put some ice at a towel and apply it on the swelling

Fracture or drift of a tooth

If a tooth has been broken or moved, then must be examined by dentist on the same day.

Tooth avulsion

If a tooth after an injury falls off the mouth along its root then we have an EMERGENCY SITUATION. Steps you have to follow:
1. Call your dentist immediately.
2. Find the tooth. Hold it by the white square piece. Not by its root.
3. Keep it in COLD MILK and visit immediately the dentist. The sooner it is replaced in the mouth the better. In a circumstance like this every minute counts!